Who can become a Healthy Minds Club Member?

We are making Wellbeing and Mental Health accessible to everyone. If you are an Individual on your own personal journey or an employer who wants to empower her/his team. Our Club is open to everyone who wants to join with Memberships to suit everyone and all budgets.


What is the difference between the Free Membership and the Paid Membership?

With our Freemium Membership you will be part of our Healthy Minds Club Community and get access to a personalse Membership with access to free resources on our wellbeing platform, including payable access to our 1on1 expert services and a selection of Products & Services. You will also receive exclusive discounts and special offers.


What is the HMC Subscription Membership? 

By joining the Healthy Minds Club membership you will receive Credits towards Experts, Products and Services. The higher the tier the more Credits you have towards them every month. The higher the tier the higher the more discounts, special offers and promotions you will be able to take advantage of.


What are the costs for the Healthy Minds Club Membership?

There is a free membership and then the prices increase by tier from Bronze Plus to Silver, Gold & Platinum. Prices vary for individuals and corporate employees.The costs are aligned to  he credits which can be spent on the platform every month. If you are a free member you can still purchase services at face value but there won’t be any discount, except for promotions you might receive through the year.


How can I become a Healthy Minds Club Member? 

Go to About Us and click Sign Up! You can join for free.

Contact us at hello@healthymindsclub.com for corporate employee bulk subscriptions.


How can I pay for my subscription membership? 

You can pay your membership with a subscription through Credit or Debit Card upon registration. Payments will be taken on a monthly basis according tot he subscription tier you choose.

How can I cancel my subscription membership?

Memberships are for 12 months initially and then are annually thereafter. You can cancel from month 11 from your Membership portal or by contacting us at hello@healthymindsclub.com


What are Credits? 

Your Healthy Minds Club credits are your personal Wellbeing wallet. You or your employer have the possibility to upload credits to your wallet according to the membership tier that you purchase. You can exchange coedes from your wallet for Experts, Products or Services on the platform. If you have a Gift Card Code, you can also top up your Credits for this amount. If you wish to purchase a Product or Service for more than your credits, you can pay the extra with a Debit or a Credit Card.


How can I top up my Credits?

If your credits are 0 by the end of the month, your credits will be topped up again according to your membership tier once again.  Alternatively if credits are not used they will roll over to the following month for a period of 12 months.

You also have the option to top up your credits with the face value of a Gift Cards. 


How can I check my Credits?

You find your Credits on the top right of the screen next to the notification bell or a more detailed view in your member profile. 


When will my Credits expire?

Credits will expire after 18 months.


What is the difference between my Gift Card Code and my Credits?

Credits are the “currency” of your HMC wallet. The amount of your gift card equals the same amount in credits. You can upload your gift card and save the amount in your wallet as credits. 


How can I attend an Online Course?

Our Online Courses can be booked the same way like our wellbeing products through the checkout process. As soon as the transaction is through, you will receive the Code and the Instruction to enter your Online Course. 


What is the difference between an Online Course on demand and a Live Online Course?

Please read the product description carefully. Most of our Online Courses are “on demand”, means you can attend on your own time and pace. If an Online Course will be held as an “Live” Online Course, you will see time & date within the product description.


What is the difference between the Expert sessions and a Package? 

A lot of our experts offer their 1on1 services also as a package. Sometimes certain topics require more sessions, or our experts bundled up their services according to a special topic and also to offer a reduced price. Depending on your need you can book single 1on1 sessions or a package. A single 1on1 session is also recommended if you just want to test your experience with your expert.